Your Alternative for Productivity in Business Analysis

Following our Lean Business Analysis approach, consultants work closely with the business experts, following the following three steps:

 1. Evolvingthe business's own documentation in  sharable, structured artifacts
 2. Transformingthe business documents in an aligned analysis model
 3. Generating
from the analysis model a fully functional prototype

These steps result in an iterative process in the business domain that is continuously refined. The following picture illustrates the process:

The current tool support for this process is MCore. MCore covers the lower two boxes, and will be succeeded by MCore 2.0, which allows to go directly from Business example objects to fully functional prototypes.

MCore is implemented as a simple configuration of Eclipse Open Source frameworks. Montages helps to further innovate those frameworks through Innovation Management Services and Montages Think Tanks  in Prague, St. Petersburg, and Novosibirsk.