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Why Innovation Investment Management?

Successful entrepreneurs and business strategists have a long history of game-changing collaboration with creative engineers and researchers.

Unlike in the past, this collaboration does no more result in a proprietary, in house only setup. The outcome is often open software, standards and research. These open assets generate new opportunities while creating complex challenges for business.


Innovation investment decisions, structuring and maintenance need to be constantly adapted and optimized to deal with this new complexity.


How to manage Innovation Investments?
Introduce manageability and predictability to your innovation investments with the Montages services and products:


  • Independent Innovation Investment Advisory .
      typically starting with the assessment of your existing formal and informal innovation processes.
    In addition to its internal resources, Montages maintains a strong network of innovation investment advisers who bring the expertise relevant to your industry and market.
  • Standardized Innovation Investment Management Products
    ... that capture and the needs of innovative business and the people creating the underlying open technologies and standards.
    Montages has developed a rigorously formalized business operation model that is continuously optimized with learning from live projects.