Montages Thesis

The Montages Thesis

The thesis is that if we manage to create a domain modeling tool for business analysis with the following properties:

  • it can be used by domain experts to express their domain model in the natural language of their domain and requires a minimum of training time
  • it can generate from the domain model a solution, that can be sustainably used to run operations independent of resources for licence cost, shared servers, high bandwith, special hardware
  • it can tackle the complexity by separating concerns and expressing them in independent domain models, which can be shared as easy as a document and be easily reused, evolved, combined over time, geography, and technical environments

then this tool, if openly available, will go viral, since it empowers basically everyone who has to tackle todays rising complexity in business as well as privately.

The Montages tool claims to be such a tool, and even the basis to create other such tools. It builds on available open source and open standards, as well as on the results of the Gurevich ASM Thesis, which tries to proof, that with the way they describe state transitions, every algorithm can be expressed on its natural abstraction level. The Montages tool uses the Gurevich ASM way of describing state transitions.

The Montages tool intends to implement the thesis by blurring the boundaries of conceptualization, abstraction, design, implementation, and operation of a solution, similar to the way you can do in Excel Spradsheet, but powered by a scaling business friendly object modeling layer, rather than an inflexible "chess board".
Any opinion on the thesis, as well as references to other tools that could be such a disruptive business analysis tool is welcome in the below discussion!

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by pwkutter
Alternatives to MCore for fulfilling the thesis


One alternative to MCore for fulfilling the thesis could be Sirius

However, Sirius needs as a starting point a domain model in ECore. Cédric Brun tells in his Sirius roadmap talk 2016:

"Do not compromise on ...