Innovation Investment Management Services

  • Open-Source Sponsoring

    Open source is a rapidly accelerating force in realizing some of the urgently needed innovations to bring the global economy to its next level of maturity.

    Applying our productized and rigorously formalized sponsoring model provides maximal transparency, convincing governance, and sustainable motivation of the innovating engineers.


  • Patent Investments Management

    Your patents are not only an intellectual property, but also an investment based on an analysis of your domain and existing patents of your competitors and business partners.

    We can help you make a more structured and formalized analysis, while reviewing the processes and decision point you established in this aspect of patenting, and relate it with partnering IP law firms to the legal aspects of your patents.

  • Research Partnership Institutionalization

    Collaboration with research institutes is often considered as a cheap and risk free way to move your strategic targets forward and to get access to young talented resources.

     As a university spin-off from ETH Zürich we know well the motivations of academics. We can help you formalize collaboration models that are mutually beneficial, and accommodate the fluctuations of financial and innovative capabilities on both sides.